Griffith Experts Academic Profile

Journal Articles

2016 ‘Integrating recovery within a resilience framework: empirical insights and policy implications from regional Australia’ (with Lex Drennan and Rod Rhodes) Politics and Governance, Vol 4 pp. 74-86.

2016 ‘Court politics in a federal polity’ (with Rod Rhodes) Australian Journal of Political Science, Vol 51 pp. 338-354.

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2015 ‘Reforming Australia’s Federal Framework: Priorities and Prospects’. Australian Journal of Public Administration. Vol 74 (4) pp 398-405.

2015 ‘Research and Evaluation: Craft and Capacity in the Public Service’. Australian Journal of Public Administration, Vol 74 (1) pp 53-62.

2011 ‘Advising Australian Federal Governments: Assessing the Evolving Capacity and Role of the Australian Public Service’. Australian Journal of Public Administration, Vol 70 (4) pp 335-346.

2011 ‘Advising Ministers- The Special Problem of Defence’, (with Tracey Arklay and Hugh White). Australian Journal of Public Administration, Vol 70 (4) pp 365-376.

2011 ‘No Home for Housing: The Situation of the Commonwealth’s Housing Policy Advisory Function’, (with Vivienne Milligan). Australian Journal of Public Administration, Vol 70 (4) pp 391-407.

2011 ‘The Australian Public Service and Policy Advising: Meeting the Challenges of 21st Century Governance’, (with Evert Lindquist). Australian Journal of Public Administration, Vol 70 (4) pp 437-450.

2009 ‘Un trop fort movement de balancier ou l’angoisse exisentielle des hauts fonctionnaires australiens’ (with Patrick Weller). Télescope, Vol 15 (1) pp 35 – 49

2008 ‘The Council for the Australian Federation: A new structure of Australian Federalism’. Australian Journal of Public Administration, Vol 67 (2) pp 122-134.

2007 ‘The learner: John Howard’s system of national security advice’. Australian Journal of International Affairs, Vol 61, Issue 4, December, pp 504-520.

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2006 Advising Howard: interpreting changes in advisory and support structures for the Prime Minister of Australia’ Australian Journal of Political Science. vol. 41 no. 3, pp. 309-324.

2002 A Load of Old Garbage: Applying Garbage-Can Theory to Contemporary Australian Housing Policy (with Terry Burke). Australian Journal of Public Administration, vol. 61, no. 3, pp. 86-97.

Books and Book Chapters

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